Penrose Avenue Bridge (Route 291)

NEWS ALERT!   PennDOT Reopened Platt Bridge (Route 291) to Four Lanes in SW Philadelphia

Project Overview

In order to preserve the structure for decades to come, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and its partners are working expeditiously to complete construction by June 2014.

IMPROVEMENT PLAN: Crews are painting the Platt Bridge's steel truss and the structural steel beneath the 90 approach spans to protect the steel from the elements. They are also repairing structural steel; replacing expansion joints; repairing concrete piers; rehabilitating and resurfacing the center truss spans; repairing and resurfacing the concrete approach decks; and replacing guide rail and damaged pedestrian railings.

PROJECT COST: $42,776,325. The project is financed with 80% federal and 20% state funds.

PROJECT TIMELINE: Construction began in May 2011 (with minimal traffic interference) and will finish in June 2014.

SPEED LIMIT: The speed limit on the Platt Bridge is reduced to 35 mph during construction. The normal speed limit is 45 mph.

TRAFFIC RESTRICTIONS: The Platt Bridge and its approach spans on Route 291 are reduced from two lanes to one in each direction through June 2014. Occasional weekday closures of the bridge will occur between 12:01 a.m. and 5 a.m. during certain phases of construction. Commercial trucks over 14,000 pounds and vehicles with a placarded amount of hazardous materials are prohibited from traveling on the George C. Platt Memorial Bridge (Route 291). Please see the Traffic Patterns page for more information and detours.

TRAFFIC VOLUME: The average daily traffic volume on the Platt Bridge is 56,000.

AGE: The Platt Bridge was built in the late 1940s and early 1950s.

BRIDGE TYPE: The three-span Platt Bridge (Route 291) is a steel truss structure. The approach spans are comprised of steel girders and concrete plank beams with a concrete deck.

BRIDGE DIMENSIONS: The Platt Bridge and its 90 approach spans cover 8,780 feet (a distance of 29 football fields connected to one another). The bridge is 53 feet wide.

CONTRACTOR: The joint venture of Hercules Painting Company, Inc. of New Castle, PA and Vimas Painting Company, Inc. of Lowellville, Ohio.

TOW TRUCK SERVICE: PennDOT will provide tow truck coverage on the Platt Bridge during construction to assist motorists and quickly remove disabled vehicles from the bridge.

TRAVEL INFORMATION: PennDOT reminds motorists they can log on to or call 511 from any phone to check traffic conditions on major highways before heading out. For more information, visit Follow local PennDOT information on Twitter at